Teen's Makeup Class!

Welcome to the Teen's Makeup Class! A comfortable spot in between the Ladies Night and Little Girl's criteria for our teenage girls! The lesson will be delving deep into the transitions of becoming a woman and giving knowledge to help battle the journey to womanhood with ease. 

***Please note I am a New Jersey based makeup artist***

The topics will be...

Eyes: how to achieve a flattering eye makeup for school, makeup for glasses, battling tired eyes, makeup for school events, etc.

Lips: product knowledge and differences, how to achieve a perfect lip application, school appropriate lip wear, etc.

Concealing vs. Foundation: learning the difference, choosing what is best for you to use, how to apply correctly, etc.

Highlight & Contour: where to apply, learning the difference, learning how to balance the two.

Skin and Health: learning how the two go hand in hand, taking care of both inside and out, how to deal with acne and how to prevent it, etc.

At the end everything will be summed up based on what the girls have learned.

Sweet 16 Makeup

Sweet 16 Makeup

We will also have makeup references and the girl's will tell Helene B., and each other why it is appropriate for their age, why it is an admirable makeup or why it isn't. It will be time to put what they have learned to the test!

The girl's are encouraged to bring their own makeup to practice with during the lesson, after each topic we will apply the makeup that correlates to the topic. * Makeup Kits are available from Artist- see pricing *

It is the goal to have every girl leaving the class feeling confident in what they have learned. Helene B. will be available to answer any future questions after the class via email.

Each girl will also be receiving a $10 off coupon for a makeup application from Helene B. Makeup Artist!

Being Social...

Not only will the girl's be learning from a professional makeup artist, but also learning from each other. During the lesson it is encouraged that the girls discuss and help each other with getting the answers, coming up with solutions and sharing personal experiences/beauty do's and don'ts.

Remember this will be a judgement free class, we are all here to learn and help each other.


Making it Personable...

As mentioned above the lesson will be delving deeper into becoming an adult and how their makeup and health will change as well. 

To make things less "awkward" the packet will include interests of the group as either examples or as nice imagery. There will also be makeup references based upon popular models or celebrities of interest. 

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