Helene B. Makeup Artist's  

Ladies Night Makeup Class!


***Please note I am a New Jersey based makeup artist***

"What is it?"

For the Makeup Class, I want you to think- jewelry party or Tupperware party vibe. Although I AM NOT SELLING PRODUCTS, I'm just selling my knowledge to help you and your guests understand the basics of makeup to look and feel like your best self!

Each person at the class gets a makeup packet written by me, going over all the basics of makeup. With space for you to add your own notes as well.

  • For example the "Eyes" section goes over the proper placement of eyeshadow depending on your eye shape, what colors look best for what eyes, how to create a classic smokey eye, etc.

In addition to the makeup packets, I will have a large scale notepad on display with the information given in the packets, along with more tips and tricks! There will also be a point in the class where we will go over the Four Faces of Makeup, explaining why one look is considered more natural versus fashion, etc.

Each guest will be asked to bring their everyday makeup with them along with products they don't know how to use, and we will have a Show and Tell. Here we will go over these products and using the knowledge you have learned we will all help each other make sure those products are what works best for you and how to get the most out of it!

The Hostess has the option of having a makeup demonstration done at the end on herself or a guest applied by me!

Read Jessica's testimonial about the makeup applied for her wedding!

Read Jessica's testimonial about the makeup applied for her wedding!

Helene B.'s Goal...

It is my goal to help our Hostess and guests to have a better understanding of everything makeup.

Covering topics such as understanding your skin type and how to take care of it, to the proper techniques of application, all the way to what brushes to use.

To achieve the best look for you as you go from daytime to evening makeup.

What the Class includes...

  • When arriving Helene B. will have a makeup related game to give you a chance to win a prize!

  • A makeup packet written by Helene B. for you to keep during and after the class!

  • Going over the assigned topics in detail, answering any questions at any time!

  • Going over the "Four Faces", "Mature Makeup" and "What Not to Do" makeup examples using 8 x 10 colored prints!

  • Product Show and Tell! Going over your everyday look/products and how to use them, going over products you are unsure on how to use, and Helene B.'s list of favorite and recommended products!

  • Showing a specific makeup demonstration selected by your Hostess!

  • Helene B. will also bring her favorite makeup books for you to check out!



Happy Mother and Daughter makeup by Helene B.!

Makeup by Helene B. during her time at school!

Makeup by Helene B. during her time at school!

Benefits of Hosting a Class!

  • Helene B. will not charge you! Knowledge for free!

  • You will receive a coupon for $10.00 off a makeup application from Helene B.! (Standard Beauty Makeup is $55.00 without coupons)

  • Helene B. will personalize a gift bag just for you! She will pick out her favorite products that she believes you will love!

  • You will get to pick a specific makeup demonstration for Helene B. to show during the class! (When class is booked she will provide list)

  • You get to have a great night with your family/friends (and maybe wine too) all while picking a makeup artist's brain!

Helene B. offers a detailed agenda for you, the Hostess, to have before booking a class. Going over everything involved with the party to help make it the perfect evening for you and your guests!