Bridal Testimonials


“Helene did my make up and my bridesmaids make up on my wedding day and it was amazing! She made all of us look incredible and one of my bridesmaid's even said that no one has ever done her make up this well before. What impressed me equally as much as her talent as a make up artist was her personality while she was working with us and how much she cared about making each of us look the way we envisioned. If you want to talk about going above and beyond what was expected, not only did she do an amazing job on our make up, she also stayed around and helped my aunt and cousin our with their make up once they saw how great she was. It is very often that a memorable moment on your wedding day comes while you were getting your make up done, but while Helene was doing my make up, my 6 year old cousin who was the flower girl was sitting on the bed asking a TON of questions about what was going on. Helene took the time to answer all of her questions about how the make up works, which was amazing. Finding a make up artist with such a high skill level and an equally as great personality is something hard to come by. Helene, thank you for everything and anyone would be lucky to work with you for their events!”

-Courtney M.

“Helene did the makeup for myself and all the girls in my wedding party! She did an amazing job and I cannot praise her enough!!!!”

-Sherry B.

“Helene was amazing for my wedding, every vision I had she made come to life. She was wonderful. Came on time, very affordable and also was able to cover up my huge chest tattoo!”

-Victoria Z.



“I was a very lucky Bride. Having Helene as a makeup artist for my wedding day was a true success. She was very patient to a room full of Bridesmaids. She listens so well, we told her how we wanted our makeup, and she made all of us look naturally stunning. One of my Bridesmaids had a couple of blotches on her face, and Helene covered them beautifully. Helene’s soft voice and gentle touch are so comforting as she’s applying your makeup. Her touch was very light and comfortable to wear. I cannot wait until the next event, so I can have Helene do my makeup again!”

-Michelle M.