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Hey everyone welcome to the Beauty Blog!

If you do not want to read this blog post feel free to watch the video below I will be going over the same thing here as I do in the video. (Link below)

I have been absent for some time and I apologize for that. In the video (link above) I mention how I am going through a "Beauty Block", think of it like writer's block or a creativity block. I believe it mostly comes from being unable to use the products I used in the past even though I wash my face as soon as I am done. I am trying to avoid anything toxic to put on my skin mostly because...

I signed a contract recently with a modeling agency! (yay!) With that I need to make sure I take extra good care of my body/skin. I will be posting videos and discussing this whole process on my other YouTube page ( So please subscribe to that channel there will be lots of fun videos on there soon!

I plan to start out doing simple mini tutorials on things people ask me questions about such as how to correctly line your lips or different ways to line your eyes, etc. Please keep a lookout for those as well!

MARCH FAVORITES! I'll be giving a brief reason as to why I like these products as well as a picture to match- if you have any questions about them let me know! Just click on the images below, when the image is opened hover over it and the description will appear! (Cool huh?) :)

I also mention in the video a sleeping mask which I can't sleep without now! (Thanks to my friend who got it for me for Christmas!) The best part is not only is it super cute, it's filled with lavender beads to help get a relaxing sleep! 

I hope you enjoyed the information I shared with you today, be on the lookout for more blog posts and tutorials! Thank you for checking out my Beauty Blog!