Nickel Skin Allergy Issues & How I'm Fixing It!

Happy Monday!

I have been M.I.A. for Youtube and makeup videos/posts because well, my skin decided to flare up again. So to go into more detail I wanted to write it here since I talk about beauty/skincare more on this site versus my other blog page. ( ) 

To start out yes I have mentioned before that Carmine is a sensitive ingredient for me, but I have recently learned that Nickel is as well. 

I go to a holistic doctor (the one I see is an MD as well) and after some testing, I learned that I have a parasite (possibly two) that is making my skin miserable. It basically is attacking my nickel allergy as the result see the pictures below...WARNING IT'S NOT NICE.

The worst my eye was, was on Sept. 17th...

The worst my eye was, was on Sept. 17th...

The next was on my Birthday...woohoo. This was the day that I went to the doctor because something wasn't right. (Pics below)

The most recent (my face has cleared up so far) was with my right hand which currently is healing very nicely.

Pretty crazy huh?

Pretty crazy huh?

With using very gentle products such as Edye's Face & Body Butter, my skin has been healing. It is a slow process doing things this way but I don't want to use steroid creams again unless it becomes so unbearable. But going through this before (when it was on my lip) I have gotten used to being decently patient about it. 

That water was clear....

That water was clear....

I am taking remedies to help detox my body of the toxins that could be aiding this parasite. I still have nickel in my system but to help take care of that at the doctor's I do an Ion Cleanse foot bath, which is pretty cool but can look pretty gross! They say sometimes the water changes color and sometimes it doesn't. The first time I did the bath the water did not change at all! The second time looked like this... ------>

I also have been returning to doing my 25-minute detox baths with Epsom Salt and Baking Soda (2 cups of each in as hot water as you can stand and be safe).

My diet is the biggest thing for this whole process, believe it or not, lots of food contains traces of nickel. Some more than others of course. Most of the food I should avoid I don't have either way or I can live without. Parasites also feed on sugar just like cancer cells feed on sugar. So not only am I doing a low nickel diet but a low sugar diet which is pretty easy for me since I eat Paleo anyway.

I have been avoiding makeup unless it is for an occasion but it works out anyway because my skin is staying super clear which is good for everyday life obviously and my modeling career. However, if I do start wearing makeup more often I was directed to start doing clay masks, I have been using: Indian Healing Clay and WOW it is amazing!

The Indian Healing Clay is 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. The container says you feel your skin pulsate and boy was it right! Below are images of the first time I used the mask, my face was pulsating, tingling and detoxing! I wasn't able to talk by the time my face cured! Afterwards, I said this is what Botox must feel like! The clay as it cured literally pulled my face so I look surprised in the picture but that's what the mask did! I do this twice a week now and I love it! Your face is a little red afterwards for about 30 minutes which is normal (says so on the label). The left is the before (start of the mask) the middle is the container so you know what brand I am using and the right photo is the end.

I felt like it was important to talk about my skin issue so you know what's up and also if you know anyone who is suffering from either a nickel allergy or skin issue. Lots of things add up and can be as simple as an allergy or diet change or an ingredient to watch for such as Talc or Carmine. It is not so hard doing a product change to healthier ones, you still should read the labels because there could still be an ingredient that is not so healthy or that you could be sensitive to. Such as a cream I thought was good for my skin because it was made for dry skin and it seemed healthy and great- but not for me. There was sunflower seed oil in it and nickel is found in nuts and seeds. So be careful and be healthy.

Who cares if someone teases you about how you choose to take care of your skin/body- most people just don't get it or they are perfectly fine with how they do things. You do you, that's all. I am happy doing most things in, my life the holistic way, I, of course, will take medication if need be but I do my best to keep myself healthy the natural way. Do what works for you. I hope this blog was interesting or helpful in one way or another. If you have any questions or comments leave them below for me!  xoxo



Bulletproof Coffee / Detox Bath

My Uncle introduced my Mom and I to "Bulletproof" coffee, my cousin and his fiancé also drink it too. It's very simple, and looks like a latte too! There are so many good benefits to this coffee, it's mostly for the good fats (butter and coconut oil) plus it is super filling!

Bulletproof Coffee: 3 ingredients!

Ground Organic Coffee (can be decaf if desired)

2 tbsp Grassfed Butter (I use the Kerrygold brand)

2 tbsp Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (unrefined is better!)

Now you can add flavoring if you'd like, (cocoa powder, pumpkin spice, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.) 

We use a french press to make our coffee, so when the coffee is done brewing pour desired amount into a high speed blender (we use a Ninja) next add the butter and coconut oil and any other things you would like to the coffee. For example I put collagen in mine to get some extra protein (plus its overall good for you).  Blend for at LEAST 30 seconds to make sure everything is melted and mixed well (would be kind of gross to get a glob of butter!) Stop blending and you will see a nice layer of foam at the top, pour and enjoy! :D

Detox Bath! 

This is one of those things in life that once you do them and start seeing or feeling a difference you will NEVER stop! Plus baths are awesome. :)

25-30 minutes: 

2 cups Baking Soda

2 cups Epsom Salt

***The more you sweat the better the results, so make that water as hot as you can stand it without feeling like you're going to pass out! Keep water with you too, you'll need it.

That's it people, two simple ingredients for unbelievable results! I do mine at night because not only is it a great way to end the day, but it makes you super tired. I sleep like a rock every time I do one of these baths. Enjoy!

Video mentioning Coffee and Bath: