Products Used


Hey guys!

So in case you don't know where to find my videos/YouTube channel check out the video above! However, if you're unavailable to watch the video then keep on reading- I'm going to give a brief summary of the Minamul unboxing & trial review!

To start I want to thank Minamul for asking me to do a review on their product! The box is a nice sleek black with metallic letters (as you can see in the picture for the video) Everything came nice and neat inside the box where it all fit perfectly and will continue to stay for storage. The big dry brush for the body came with a wooden handle that is about a foot long to make it easier to reach your back and upper back for the brush routine. The face dry brush is a perfect size and also made out of smooth wood. The back scrubber came in a nice sealed plastic bag and stretches to be about two/two and a half feet. Lastly the konjac sponge- on a string- also came packaged in a plastic bag.

I tried everything in the box (except the back scrubber which I used later in the evening) during the trail video above. My favorite duo is the face brush and konjac sponge- never want to be without it! The dry brushing for the body felt so great and my skin looked better- helps with blood circulation and detox. The back scrubber gently but efficiently exfoliated my back leaving it soft and refreshed. 

I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the outcome of these products and will continue to use them!