Summer Updates!

Whoa it's been awhile since my last post/video...(oops!)

Things have been crazy busy this summer but it's all good thankfully. I have some new ideas for videos that I will be starting today/this coming week. One project in particular is going to take some arts and crafts before filming and photos. All I'm going to say is one word CROWNS. I'll leave that up to you as to what I am doing, let me know what you think it is!

I recently splurged on makeup at Ulta, all Honest Beauty products and I can say I love everything! Especially the lipgloss and lip crayon I got, stays on well and is super moisturizing. I struggle to find a good nude lipstick for me so I went with a lipgloss (Dreamy Kiss) and fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. If you need a pretty nude lipgloss that isn't sticky I would recommend this one. Also for the record I am not being sponsored by Honest Beauty I am just really happy with their products. I also bought their pencil liner which is really pigmented and soft so that makes it really nice to apply. Last two things I bought was another eyeshadow trio and concealer duo- in MY shade not my moms!

I plan to send out photos to agencies to try and get some modeling work- not runway of course haha! So it's been a process finding the right photos to use and send out but I think I got a good bunch, now all I gotta do is send them out!

I have also been working on is writing a book, I have had an idea of this story in my head for a long time and it seemed like to the right time to try and bring it to life. I have been dedicating time each day whether it be 15 minutes or and hour to writing. 

So yeah that's what's going on here for now, I plan to record at least one video today of some sort, and definitely my skin care routine and at least one makeup look this coming week. Be on the lookout! XOXO