Coconut Oil Magic!

I'm sure many of you have heard of the many benefits of coconut oil, not only for beauty but for your health. But for those of you that have little information, don't know a lot about it or just want to see what information I have, well here you go! 

Health: I try to add as much coconut oil to my diet as I can every day. I always put it in my protein shake, cook with it whenever possible, even lick it off the spoon! Why do I do this?

-Normalizes blood lipids

-Protect against damage to the liver, can help in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases

-Improve blood sugar, insulin control and cholesterol ratios

-Improve the condition and appearance of hair, scalp, skin, teeth and bones

-Filled with (healthy) saturated fatty acids

-Support thyroid function

-Helps boost metabolism  

-Has anti-inflammatory properties  

These are only a few of the many benefits health wise of coconut oil, more information can be found on sites such as 101 uses for coconut oil

Beauty: I have very sensitive and dry skin, coconut oil has helped me tremendously. I have now used it as a natural makeup remover, I put it on my face every night, used it to recover from sunburn (heals and smells delicious!) and here are some other uses for it. 

-Natural Chapstick, body lotion for you and babies, de-frizzing hair serum, shave cream and after shave

-Sooth psoriasis and eczema, mosquito bites, poison ivy

-Great for new mommies who have stretch marks, sore/dry nipples from feeding. Also great for babies who have cradle cap

-Hair mask, improve hair condition and growth

Basically coconut oil is magic, it's so beneficial for many reasons yourself a favor and research this more because you will be buying it every time you see it. There are numerous ways to use this oil, Just remember you want Organic Unrefined extra virgin! I will also be pinning coconut oil beauty/health recipes on my Pinterest page! (Social link on bottom of website)