Makeup Breakdown: Jaclyn

At Studio 43 Hair Design in Cranbury, NJ I had a client named Jaclyn who came in for makeup to attend a close friend's wedding. Below are the products used to achieve this look.

Background Info: To begin Jaclyn had a very ruddy undertone almost to the point of rosacea, with patience and layer building we were able to flawlessly cover that tone. The makeup did not feel or look heavy on the skin which was a goal of mine. She had very pretty eyes and I wanted to accent those with soft romantic colors. 

  • Bravon Beauty: SPF foundation (Natural Ivory) and Light 2 concealer
  • Mac Cosmetics: Radiant Yellow prep and prime, CC neutralize color correcting powder, contour powder (available only to pro members)
  • Milani Cosmetics: lip color  (Nude)
  • M.U.D. Cosmetics: Champis & Taupe & Sienna eye shadows & a dusty rose blush color
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics: cooling and hydrating setting spray and primer potion eye shadow primer
  • Ardell Beauty: lashes (we cut one in half to create half lashes for her)
  • Sephora: luminizer palette for highlight (light gold color for the summery glow)
  • Covergirl: Mascara (Very Black Waterproof)
  • Nyx Cosmetics: Lip Liner (Natural) & Gel Liner (Brown)
  • Make-up Forever: Hd setting powder

Nickel Skin Allergy Issues & How I'm Fixing It!

Happy Monday!

I have been M.I.A. for Youtube and makeup videos/posts because well, my skin decided to flare up again. So to go into more detail I wanted to write it here since I talk about beauty/skincare more on this site versus my other blog page. ( ) 

To start out yes I have mentioned before that Carmine is a sensitive ingredient for me, but I have recently learned that Nickel is as well. 

I go to a holistic doctor (the one I see is an MD as well) and after some testing, I learned that I have a parasite (possibly two) that is making my skin miserable. It basically is attacking my nickel allergy as the result see the pictures below...WARNING IT'S NOT NICE.

The worst my eye was, was on Sept. 17th...

The worst my eye was, was on Sept. 17th...

The next was on my Birthday...woohoo. This was the day that I went to the doctor because something wasn't right. (Pics below)

The most recent (my face has cleared up so far) was with my right hand which currently is healing very nicely.

Pretty crazy huh?

Pretty crazy huh?

With using very gentle products such as Edye's Face & Body Butter, my skin has been healing. It is a slow process doing things this way but I don't want to use steroid creams again unless it becomes so unbearable. But going through this before (when it was on my lip) I have gotten used to being decently patient about it. 

That water was clear....

That water was clear....

I am taking remedies to help detox my body of the toxins that could be aiding this parasite. I still have nickel in my system but to help take care of that at the doctor's I do an Ion Cleanse foot bath, which is pretty cool but can look pretty gross! They say sometimes the water changes color and sometimes it doesn't. The first time I did the bath the water did not change at all! The second time looked like this... ------>

I also have been returning to doing my 25-minute detox baths with Epsom Salt and Baking Soda (2 cups of each in as hot water as you can stand and be safe).

My diet is the biggest thing for this whole process, believe it or not, lots of food contains traces of nickel. Some more than others of course. Most of the food I should avoid I don't have either way or I can live without. Parasites also feed on sugar just like cancer cells feed on sugar. So not only am I doing a low nickel diet but a low sugar diet which is pretty easy for me since I eat Paleo anyway.

I have been avoiding makeup unless it is for an occasion but it works out anyway because my skin is staying super clear which is good for everyday life obviously and my modeling career. However, if I do start wearing makeup more often I was directed to start doing clay masks, I have been using: Indian Healing Clay and WOW it is amazing!

The Indian Healing Clay is 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. The container says you feel your skin pulsate and boy was it right! Below are images of the first time I used the mask, my face was pulsating, tingling and detoxing! I wasn't able to talk by the time my face cured! Afterwards, I said this is what Botox must feel like! The clay as it cured literally pulled my face so I look surprised in the picture but that's what the mask did! I do this twice a week now and I love it! Your face is a little red afterwards for about 30 minutes which is normal (says so on the label). The left is the before (start of the mask) the middle is the container so you know what brand I am using and the right photo is the end.

I felt like it was important to talk about my skin issue so you know what's up and also if you know anyone who is suffering from either a nickel allergy or skin issue. Lots of things add up and can be as simple as an allergy or diet change or an ingredient to watch for such as Talc or Carmine. It is not so hard doing a product change to healthier ones, you still should read the labels because there could still be an ingredient that is not so healthy or that you could be sensitive to. Such as a cream I thought was good for my skin because it was made for dry skin and it seemed healthy and great- but not for me. There was sunflower seed oil in it and nickel is found in nuts and seeds. So be careful and be healthy.

Who cares if someone teases you about how you choose to take care of your skin/body- most people just don't get it or they are perfectly fine with how they do things. You do you, that's all. I am happy doing most things in, my life the holistic way, I, of course, will take medication if need be but I do my best to keep myself healthy the natural way. Do what works for you. I hope this blog was interesting or helpful in one way or another. If you have any questions or comments leave them below for me!  xoxo



CLEAN Makeup and Product Haul

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Below are the swatches of the products I talk about in my clean haul video, hope this helps! :)


Hey everyone!

So I did my first Get Ready With Me (GRWM) video today and it also is my Go to Look.


Products Used:



Being Photo Shoot READY!

Hey everyone!

You can find the checklist mentioned in the video here! ( )

Go ahead and right click Save/Download image and enjoy your checklist! If you're having trouble or want a clearer dopy please EMAIL me and I will gladly send you a pdf!


Hey guys!

So in case you don't know where to find my videos/YouTube channel check out the video above! However, if you're unavailable to watch the video then keep on reading- I'm going to give a brief summary of the Minamul unboxing & trial review!

To start I want to thank Minamul for asking me to do a review on their product! The box is a nice sleek black with metallic letters (as you can see in the picture for the video) Everything came nice and neat inside the box where it all fit perfectly and will continue to stay for storage. The big dry brush for the body came with a wooden handle that is about a foot long to make it easier to reach your back and upper back for the brush routine. The face dry brush is a perfect size and also made out of smooth wood. The back scrubber came in a nice sealed plastic bag and stretches to be about two/two and a half feet. Lastly the konjac sponge- on a string- also came packaged in a plastic bag.

I tried everything in the box (except the back scrubber which I used later in the evening) during the trail video above. My favorite duo is the face brush and konjac sponge- never want to be without it! The dry brushing for the body felt so great and my skin looked better- helps with blood circulation and detox. The back scrubber gently but efficiently exfoliated my back leaving it soft and refreshed. 

I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the outcome of these products and will continue to use them! 


Hey everyone welcome to the Beauty Blog!

If you do not want to read this blog post feel free to watch the video below I will be going over the same thing here as I do in the video. (Link below)

I have been absent for some time and I apologize for that. In the video (link above) I mention how I am going through a "Beauty Block", think of it like writer's block or a creativity block. I believe it mostly comes from being unable to use the products I used in the past even though I wash my face as soon as I am done. I am trying to avoid anything toxic to put on my skin mostly because...

I signed a contract recently with a modeling agency! (yay!) With that I need to make sure I take extra good care of my body/skin. I will be posting videos and discussing this whole process on my other YouTube page ( So please subscribe to that channel there will be lots of fun videos on there soon!

I plan to start out doing simple mini tutorials on things people ask me questions about such as how to correctly line your lips or different ways to line your eyes, etc. Please keep a lookout for those as well!

MARCH FAVORITES! I'll be giving a brief reason as to why I like these products as well as a picture to match- if you have any questions about them let me know! Just click on the images below, when the image is opened hover over it and the description will appear! (Cool huh?) :)

I also mention in the video a sleeping mask which I can't sleep without now! (Thanks to my friend who got it for me for Christmas!) The best part is not only is it super cute, it's filled with lavender beads to help get a relaxing sleep! 

I hope you enjoyed the information I shared with you today, be on the lookout for more blog posts and tutorials! Thank you for checking out my Beauty Blog!

Summer Updates!

Whoa it's been awhile since my last post/video...(oops!)

Things have been crazy busy this summer but it's all good thankfully. I have some new ideas for videos that I will be starting today/this coming week. One project in particular is going to take some arts and crafts before filming and photos. All I'm going to say is one word CROWNS. I'll leave that up to you as to what I am doing, let me know what you think it is!

I recently splurged on makeup at Ulta, all Honest Beauty products and I can say I love everything! Especially the lipgloss and lip crayon I got, stays on well and is super moisturizing. I struggle to find a good nude lipstick for me so I went with a lipgloss (Dreamy Kiss) and fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. If you need a pretty nude lipgloss that isn't sticky I would recommend this one. Also for the record I am not being sponsored by Honest Beauty I am just really happy with their products. I also bought their pencil liner which is really pigmented and soft so that makes it really nice to apply. Last two things I bought was another eyeshadow trio and concealer duo- in MY shade not my moms!

I plan to send out photos to agencies to try and get some modeling work- not runway of course haha! So it's been a process finding the right photos to use and send out but I think I got a good bunch, now all I gotta do is send them out!

I have also been working on is writing a book, I have had an idea of this story in my head for a long time and it seemed like to the right time to try and bring it to life. I have been dedicating time each day whether it be 15 minutes or and hour to writing. 

So yeah that's what's going on here for now, I plan to record at least one video today of some sort, and definitely my skin care routine and at least one makeup look this coming week. Be on the lookout! XOXO

My Prom Season Tips!

Prom season is almost here! (Woohoo!) Many girls see Prom as one of the most important moments of their life. As a makeup artist helping these girls get ready for a highlight moment here's a few of my tips if you're either doing your own makeup or if you're going to get your makeup done...

1. Reference photos! These are one of the best things to have when you're preparing for Prom. It's good to have multiple ideas of what you might want to have done, but that doesn't mean you stop looking! As Prom gets close begin the process of elimination. You can always combine ideas from various photos for what you want as well. Usually the more photos the better but try not to overwhelm yourself or the artist doing your makeup.

2. Test run! I am not one to usually have a test run for makeup, even before I do my Youtube videos, I get too excited and impatient. However, when it's a big event such as Prom or a wedding test runs are in my opinion very important. Especially if you're going to be trying out new products. Find the perfect false lashes that will be comfortable and look great, or that foundation that you've been dying to try for a special event. Do a test of different makeup looks that you might want to wear for Prom and see what looks best with your dress/accessories/hair color, etc.

3. Be Bold! Don't be afraid to try something new such as a fun lip color or super glittery eyeshadow. Get together with your friends and/or family, play around with new makeup looks and get their opinion. Don't be offended if someone gives a negative opinion about something you want to try with your makeup choice. That's why test runs are so great! Whether it looks good on you or not just have fun with it for the moment.

4. Don't panic! If you're going to get your makeup done or doing it yourself be prepared. Make sure you have all the tools and products you need BEFORE it's time for you to get ready. Last thing you need is to rush around getting ready. If you're doing your own makeup and you're not comfortable with something find someone who can do it for you. For example lip liner or a winged liner, if that's not in your comfort area but your friend or family member is- Snag them! I'm sure they would love to help you get ready, so stay calm!

5. Trust! If you're going to get your makeup done by someone else make sure you check out their work! It's ok to look around for a makeup artist, whether it be a freelancer, someone in a store or salon. You can always do trials if you have the time/money and don't be afraid to go to other artists to see who works the best with you. If you're paying for any kind of service make sure it's what you want done. 

6. Have fun! Lots of stress is put on Prom, it's not worth it. I kept it very simple when I went to Prom, I got a simple but still want I wanted kind of a dress, I did my own makeup and nails (glue on's baby!) and my mom did my hair for me. I don't handle stress the best so I tried to keep things as simple as possible. That is probably my best piece of advice- do your best to have a great time no matter what and don't freak out before hand! Plans may change or you may get a tear in your dress, you could get in a fight with a friend or your date, or you forgot where you put your lipstick, don't stress over it. No matter what the issue is it will get worked out or it can be fixed. Prom is a highlight moment, enjoy it. Take pictures but not too many where you forget to have fun! ;)  Dance your butt off (or don't) whatever will make you have the most fun you can.

I hope this blog post was worth the read, feel free to message/email me with any comments/questions/requests! Thanks for taking the time to read this post!